San Salvador
San Salvador
The city of San Salvador was founded in 1525 by Gonzalo de Alvarado. The first inhabitants were Pokomanes, Lencas and Chortis; then the Pipiles and Ulúas. All of them were ethnic groups that formed our roots that mixed with the Spanish gave results with the only physiognomy and prominent habits that can be seen today across our customs. San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, offers different alternatives to the tourist to know his culture, to go shopping and to amuse itself.

The tropical climate, 28 ° - 32 ° C., invites it to dress comfortably and to feel fresh in his demurrage in San Salvador. To know the origins of the capital, visit the Historical Center where they find structures that date back of beginning of century as the Theatre and National Palace and the Metropolitan Cathedral. To know on the history of the country and his culture can visit the National Museum of Anthropology Dr. David J. Guzmán and the new museum MARS, where it will be able to estimate the painting and both national and international sculpture.

To go shopping, it can visit the malls: Meter Center, more big of quite Center America; Plaza Merliot, Galleries Step, The Waterfalls, The Great Route and Multisquare, the modern mas of the country and where also he was finding cinemas with the last technology, restaurants of snack food and à la carte, coffees, bars and all kinds of shops where he was finding diversity of products great. This way also, in Mall San Benito, Basle and The Walk, new concepts of malls where it will be able to find a very good variety of shops, coffees and restaurants.

In the night, there exists a variety of places of amusement for all the tastes. One of them is the " Pink Zone ", located in residential exclusive zone of San Salvador, where it will be able to dance up to the dawn in the different discotheques that they find there or to taste a variety of exotic drinks and shown restraint gourmet. Another site is the boulevard of " The Heroes ", where there abound the restaurants of national and international plates. Some places offer live music for all the tastes. The new thing this one in Multisquare and The Great Route, where he was finding a series of restaurants and bars of recognized national and international prestige.
For the amusement of the small ones, it can visit the park of " The Family ", where there will be able to savour the delicious Salvadorian food, specially the pupusas and many places more, like the Museum Tin Marín, abundances of the amusement and the happiness that characterizes the Salvadoreans.
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