Las Riguas
Las Riguas
The one who does not know the wonderful thing that can be the corncob, and all the recipes that it can do with him, probably he might be considered to be not a Salvadorean, since the corncob has been a basic part in the diet cuscatleca.

Between so much variety today we will speak it brings over of " The riguas " known in some places as "elotascas". This saucer is of soft consistency, with form of elongated tortilla, semi toasted externally, soft and tender within, with an agreeable and subtle aroma.

They are accessible enough to the popular pocket, of the taste of big and boys in any epoch of the year, and can be in places of typical food, in sales of atol of corncob, or in some parks. The atol is the ideal accompanist of the riguas, which also are in the habit of eating up with cheese, curd, cream or fresh curd.

His preparation is simple, alone it must obtain the following ingredients: tender Corncob, lard, salt, and leaves of garden (banana)

The tender corncobs fall with a knife, scraping the ear. It is ground and to the mass of tender corncob one adds the lard, and salt to the taste; then, there are spilt small portions of this mixture on the leaves of garden and the leaf is doubled.

It is cooked then on a warm comal; on the leaf having gilded the rigua becomes detached and is continued cooking in the comal, until it is cooked well.

If still he has not tasted a rigua, delight of the corncob, we invite him in order that it encourages, and this way enjoy one the tasted mas typical saucers of the Salvadorian kitchen.
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