Parque Nacional Cerro Verde and Lago Coatepeque
Parque Nacional Cerro Verde and Lago Coatepeque
National park Volcano Cerro Verde - Trek for Cloudy Forest of the Cerro Verde - scenic Sight of Volcano Izalco, scenic Sight of Volcano Ilamatepec - scenic Sight of Lake Coatepeque - visit to The Pines - Decrease to Lake Coatepeque - Viewing-points of the Lake - Bath in Lake Coatepeque.

Way out of San Salvador at 8:00 a.m. You were visiting the Volcano Green Hill, a slept volcano covered now by a dense cloudy jungle of impressive beauty and turned into National Park. We will cross in him an interpretive path happening for different viewing-points from which you will have impressive conference of the Volcano Izalco, Volcano Ilamatepec and the Lake Coatepeque. Then we will take you to The Pines, to do a trek in the evening towards the Lake Coatepeque. The tour was taking you across an interpretive path in the middle of a coffee forest and primary forest, in which you were finding spectacular viewing-points with conference magic of this impressive mirror of water. On having descended it will be able to enjoy a refreshing bath in the lake.

Level of difficulty of treks: Green Hill the level is low with time of 40 min; Decrease to the Lake the level is low with time of 1h30min.
It includes income, guide and transport. Way out with a minimum of two persons.
Se recomienda cámara fotográfica, cámara de video, zapatos confortables, ropa fresca y chaqueta liviana para el frío, traje de baño.
Starting point: san salvador
Duration: 1 day
Price per person: $99 USD
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