Liberation of Marine Tortoises Newborn children in The Cobanos
Liberation of Marine Tortoises Newborn children in The Cobanos
Corral of incubation - interpretation of the process - liberation of tortuguitas - beach day.
In El Salvador there is carried out a program of conservation of marine tortoises and there exist corrals of incubation of eggs of these in several beaches of the country. During the season from August to December the eggs of tortoise that have been sowed in corrals of incubation initiate his process of appearance, that is to say that the small tortoises are born. These tortuguitas are liberated to the sea to realize his incredible trip that lasted from 11 to 30 years before returning to put his eggs in the beach that they were born. There lives the extraordinary experience of liberating to the sea a marine tortoise newborn child and shares one day not to forget. The marine tortoises of the world are on the verge of extinction and doing tourism of conservation you contribute to local efforts to his preservation in the planet. We will lead you to visiting the beach of The Cobanos for this incredible experience.

It notices: The season of liberation of marine tortoises is from August to December.

- it includes: Guide specialized in marine tortoises.

Way out with a minimum of two persons.
Repellent, protective lot recommends to itself 30 +, waters down, sandals, comfortable shoes to travel, cool clothes, swimsuit, towel, clothes of change, cap, lenses for the Sun, small rucksack.
Starting point: san salvador
Duration: 1 day
Price per person: $94 USD
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