National park Walter Deninger
National park Walter Deninger
Park Walter Deninger - Jungle Sub Tropical - Viewing-points - Poza del salto - Cave El Encanto.

You were visiting the National Park Walter Deninger in order that you live in him a beautiful adventure. This natural reservation is a subtropical jungle fall near to the pacific coast of El Salvador. During the trek in the middle of this exuberant jungle you were finding impressive viewing-points from where you were estimating the coastal plain and the beauty of the sea, you will know a place known as The Puddle of the Jump and also The Cave El Encanto.

For his tranquility this place is ideal to admire the nature as well as to practise the observation of birds and butterflies; with little care and luck you will be able to see someone of the such local species as the deer white tail, pezote, garrobo, iguana and others. In addition there are night species as the ocelot, tepezcuintle and the ant bear.

Level of difficulty of trek: Interval; total approximate tour 3 hours.

- It includes transport, guide entered to the National Park and local guide.

Way out with a minimum of two persons.
Repellent, protective lot recommends to itself 30 +, waters down, comfortable shoes to walk, cool clothes, cap, lenses for the Sun, small rucksack.
Starting point: San Salvador
Price per person: $92 USD
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