Volunturismo in Isla San Sebastián
Volunturismo in Isla San Sebastián
Volunturismo in Isla San Sebastián y Kayaking in Reservation of Jiquilisco's Biosphere (2 days and 1 night)
Port Stop - Isla San Sebastián - Community The Pirraya - I Contact the community - Development of community project - different activities the local people - Kayaking in Jiquilsco's Biosphere - desert beaches - beach day.

On the 1st Activity of voluntary

work Isla San Sebastián is in the east of the country in the reservation of Jiquilisco's Biosphere and in this island one finds a fishermen's community called The Pirraya, which principal source of income for his settlers is the handcrafted fishing; good, hard-working and nice people who will receive you happily and with the opened arms. Here, in this distant community you were taking part together with his people in the execution of a local project. You were helping to improve the ornamentation of a hotel property of the community, which needs to generate income promoting the tourists' demurrage in the area to employ place and to invest in projects for community benefit. You were happening a beautiful night in the island in the same hotel.

On the 2nd Kayaking in Reservation of Jiquilisco's Biosphere.

After the day of the previous day shared with the community and them resting, you will do a crossed just deserts exploring in Kayaks the channels of the Reservation of Jiquilisco's Biosphere penetrating in the leafy forests of mangrove of the island San Dionysus. We will cross the only tunnel of vegetation that will allow you to estimate the diversity of local fauna. During the tour you will have an impressive sight of the chain of volcanoes Tecapa-Chinameca. We will visit Isla Pajarito in whom you were enjoying a desert and paradisiac beach of clear sands and will have lunch local food in the way of this beautiful place.

Important notes: The tour in Kayaks lasts 3 hours approximately and has an Intermediate level of difficulty.

- It includes transport from San Salvador, materials to using during activity of voluntary work, orientation during the project to developing, refreshment and lunch waters down, guide, during tour in kayak, transport, kayak with his complete equipment, life jacket. It operates with a minimum of 10 and one maximum of 20 persons.

The reservation has to be doing with 15 days of anticipation
Repellent, protective lot recommends to itself 30 +, waters down, sandals, cap, shorts, swimsuit, fresh shirt, lenses for the Sun, camera, clothes of change.
Destination: Isla San Sebastian
Starting point: San Salvador
Duration: 2 days
Price per person: $140.00 USD
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